Lena Pejgan Nyström

Author, Senior Leader and Keynote Speaker

Teaching & inspiring through writing, public speaking and training

I am happiest when I get to paint a vision and guide things forward through others. At my best when I get to do long-term and strategic work, using my long technical background as a guiding star while being humble towards all that’s changes since my days as a programmer.

As a manager, I strive to bring out the best in every individual. Seeing the potential that most of us fail to identify in ourselves. I am comfortable managing both managers, leads and ICs and love when I get to grow both technical and people skills in my people.

A common denominator in any role has been acting as the glue between business and tech, working truly cross-functional with aligning technical visions with clear business goals. I love working in close collaboration with my counterpart to calibrate risk, effort and cost to create magic.

I am a fast learner, empathic and have an ability to see context and how things fit together. Constant learning is at my core. I strive to challenge assumptions and the way things are done - both for myself and for others. That is what helps us grow.

I am a public speaker, workshop facilitator and blogger as well as the creator/author of "Would heu- risk it?", a book and a card deck on Risk Management and Testing.

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Areas of expertise
Coaching and mentoring
Budgeting & Cost Analysis
Strategy and vision
Process Improvement
People management
Facilitation and training
Change management
Roadmap & planning
Risk assessment & mitigation
Testing and quality strategy

Speaker and workshop facilitator

International speaker at testing and developer conferences. Topics cover different aspects of quality, such as ethical software development, security testing, visual models and analysing trends for continuous improvement. Contact me for commissions.

Board member

Member of different boards, such as Swedish Association for Software Testing, Hyper Island, Association for Software Testing, IT-högskolan (Board for the testing education). Contact me for collaboration or board opportunities.

Conference organizer

Part of the groups organizing Swetugg (.NET, Stockholm 2018/19) and CAST (QA, Texas 2019/2020) Mainly focusing on program committee, speaker relations and marketing. Contact me for collaboration.


Mentored a number of LIA students and trainees attending either tester of .NET developer programs at the higher vocational schools in Stockholm. I am happy to say that most either were hired directly by my employer at the time or got good jobs directly afterwards. Mentored junior testers in the different teams at several workplaces. Not available for more mentorship at the moment due to time restraints.