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Delivering  fast and slow

Euruko, 2021

Listen beyond pass & fail

Nordic Testing Days, 2019

Rectruiting for potential

TestBash Manchester, 2018


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Career crafting - Dare, prepare, share

Swetugg, 2020

You're not like other girls - redefining leadership

Swetugg, 2019

Co-talk with Gitte Glitgaard

Put your own oxygen mask on first - Self care and leading by example

Panel with Angela Riggs, Ashley Hunsberger by STP, 2021

Delivering fast and slow - 

Ethics of quality

Swetugg, 2020

Testning förr och nu (Swe), Newton Yrkeshögskola, 2018

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Career crafting - Dare, Prepare, Share

Ministry of testing Masterclass