I have a number of talks, workshops, training and publications up my sleeve. See below for past and upcoming appearances. If you have a suggested topic you want me to do, don't hesitate to contact me. 

Upcoming talks & workshops

Links to where you can catch me next. 


Career Crafting - Dare, Prepare, Share 

- OnlineTestConf, May 12


Would Heu Risk it? 20 years of learning in 40 minutes 

- QA Talks - UK & Europe, 1, Jun 6



Something cool 

- Maybe your conference or meetup?


Slide decks and other material

Links to slide decks from past engagements and/or publications. 


Delivering fast and slow -

ethics of quality

LeetSpeak, 2019
Swetugg 2020

Listen beyond the pass and fail

Nordic Testing Days, 2019

OnlineTestConf Spring 2020

You're not like other girls - redefining leadership by using your softer sides

Co-talk with Gitte Klitgaard

Swetugg, 2019

Recruiting for potential

CAST, 2018

TestBash Manchester, 2018

Mind mapping - gör ditt kravarbete bättre, roligare och mer exakt med visuella modeller (SWE)

Krav på Riktigt, 2018

Mind mapping - How I found my way out of waste-land

SAST 2018

Swetugg, 2017

Copenhagen Context 2017

And a number of smaller meetups etc


Gamify your testing to lower risk and increase value

Co-fascilitating with Lisa Crispin

Agile Testing Days, 2019


Speed testing with mind maps

Romanian Testing Conference, 2019

CAST, 2018


Other media

MoT Podcast - Mark meets Lena



Recorded talks

Links to videos of past appearances

Listen beyond pass & fail

Nordic Testing Days, 2019

Rectruiting for potential

TestBash Manchester, 2018


Pro Dojo-account required

You're not like other girls - redefining leadership

Swetugg, 2019

Co-talk with Gitte Glitgaard

Testning förr och nu (Swe), Newton Yrkeshögskola, 2018

Delivering fast and slow - 

Ethics of quality

Swetugg, 2020