Developer turned Tester turned Manager & Speaker

I've has been in the IT-industry since 1999 when I got my first job as a developer. Testing and requirements have always been a part of my job but in 2009 I decided to take the step into testing full-time and let's just say it caught my heart! During the last decade I've held most roles related to testing and moved into management an speaking a few years back. I am a passionate teacher, mentor and speaker who loves patterns, visual models and continuous improvment.

I live in a big house filled with gaming stuff, books, sewing machines and fabric. Gaming is a big thing for my entire family and most weekends I can be found playing, preferably Japanese RPGs, or reading (anything with dwavrves and/or dragons!).

Biggest achievement: the Dance Dance Revolution-machine taking up half of my living room-space.


  • Consultant manager
    Speaker & Workshop Fascilitator
  • Mentor & Teacher

Lena Pejgan Wiberg

Speaker, fascilitator, mentor

Techie & Tester